The Clarke’s House in Oviedo

The Clark home was located in a very desirable downtown area. This house was in very rough shape and was auctioned to the highest bidder. The Clark’s won the bid and asked how we could take this small home and increase the main floor living area.

Challenging to do so, we came up with a plan that involved removing the end of the house and the rear of the house in order to expand the foot print by 8’ in both directions giving an additional 500 SF, creating a large master suite, a larger living room, and a large open kitchen and dining room area. It doesn’t sound difficult to do at first; however, this house had a second floor that had a fixed size.

So the expansion below had to be done while supporting the second floor above. With the use of two 26’ long steel beams and about 140+ feet of engineered wood beams, we were able to deliver exactly what they wanted. This was a very involved structural job that I personally enjoyed completing. 

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